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what now?

It's graduation season! This is usually a time of great excitement, a time to celebrate years of hard work. However, the current situation around the world is leaving graduates with so many questions:

How can I stay healthy and help keep my loved ones healthy?

When will I be able to attend graduation?

Will I be able to find work?

How will I pay off loans?

What do I do now that my plans for after graduation are on hold?

What happens next?

What now?

Instead of being able to enjoy this particular milestone, many are left with feelings of confusion, anxiety, and even more questions.

To get a sense of what graduates are faced with during this very unique time, here is a collection of articles:

The Pandemic’s Unique Toll On 2020 College Graduates

by Dana Brownlee

Source:, April 4, 2020

For graduating students, high anxiety as COVID-19 decimates job market

by Matt Lundy


March 29, 2020)

Graduates lose placements, face tough summer job market due to COVID-19

by Alastair Sharp

Source: Canada's National Observer

(April 6, 2020)

This is a trying time in all areas of life. At this moment, please keep our young people in prayer. There is a lot to navigate through this pandemic. Let's continue to encourage them and ask God to provide the guidance and peace they need right now as they step into the next chapter of life.

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